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Legian Beach Villas is fully committed to providing greener and healthier environment for everyone in the resort and surroundings. In order to realize that, the resort has quite extensive programs and activities and we herewith invite you to participate:


  • Energy Saving Device is made available in all guest rooms to avoid waste of energy when no one is in the room. This is also a good opportunity for our guest to participate.
  • Solar huts are installed on the top of the main building to maximize solar thermal for water pre heating to minimize the use of electricity for water heating.
  • LED lights are used in all guest rooms and public areas
  • Air Conditioning system used in those non CFC (Cloro Fluoro Carbon). CFC widely contributes to ozone depletion.
  • Heat Pumps are used to produce hot water, instead of diesel power boilers which produce high amount of emission causing air pollution. Heat Pumps are scientifically proven for having no emission which means no air pollution.
  • To ensure no waste of energy on public areas, timers are installed in needed areas.


  • Rain Water Infiltration Points (biopori) are prepared in many areas of the resort so that rain water is not wasted and can infiltrate into our ground.
  • STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) has been specially designed to treat waste water and use it for gardening and car washing. This system protects our environment from pollution.
  • Save Our Planet program displayed in all guest rooms is designed for all our guests to participate in creating environmentally friendly space for everyone.
  • For health and safety reason, water is filtered through Carbon & Sand Filter, RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultra Violet).


  • Garbage bins have been classified as Organic, Non Organic & Bottles, we would request your participation and support to this garbage separation program
  • Kitchen Waste is temporarily banked in a separate room as Wet & Dry, whereas wet garbage room is air-conditioned to control the development of bacteria as well as bad smell.
  • Grease Trap is designed so that it can be channeled to STP for treatment to be recycled
  • Composting is the way we reuse garden waste and has been the source of organic fertilizer for our gardens
  • Use of plastic is avoided as much as we can and your participation and support is highly appreciated
  • Used Cooking Oil is utilized for flaming torches at night creating exotic ambience while taking care of our environment
  • Regular Beach Cleaning involving guests and employees is created for awareness of our green campaign as well as giving our guests ways to participate
  • Tree Planting for special occasion is one of the highlight of this resort, guest is welcomed to plant a tree of their choice to celebrate special time such as wedding, anniversary, birthday, family tree, marking the earth day and so on.
  • Fish Feeding & Squirrel Feeding programs are also another way to respect and take a good care of nature
  • Daily check on vehicles to make sure there is no leak of oil to our ground
  • Where chemicals is avoidably needed, we will only use Biodegradable chemicals
  • Microfiber Clothe and Microfiber Floor Pack are used extensively for daily cleaning by Housekeeping to avoid the use of chemical when not necessary
  • Dedicated in-house clinic for guests and employees


  • Should there be any encounter of wildlife inside the hotel, please do not harm them and inform our Front Office Staff at the lobby immediately. We protect wildlife, if any, and will do utmost care to relocate them appropriately.
  • There are many tourist activities involving animals in Bali and we would strongly request that all our guests will not take part in any activity that harm the wellbeing of animals.
  • Should you wish to take part in making contribution for the wellbeing of Bali Animals, you are most welcome to participate at the Lobby. We work closely with BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) to do what possible.